Task 2_4_Course 21_Field practice in aquatic monitoring

Task 2_4_Course 22_Biodiversity conservation

Task 2_4_Course 23_Environmental engineering

Task 2_4_Course 24_Water protection technologies

Task 2_4_Course 25_Bioindication and biomonitoring of aquatic ecosystems

Task 2_4_Course 26_Classification protocols and systems in ecomonitoring

Task-2_4_Course 8_Practikum in Ecology_Botany 29 – 30 September 2021

eTask 2_4_Course 01_Aquatic ecotoxicology

Task 2.4 Course 17 eDNA monitoring 14-16 December 2021

Task 2.4_ Cours 11_ GIS and Remote Sensing in ecomonitoring 29 – 30 September 2021

Task 2.4_Course 7_ Wetland and riparian ecology 28 – 29 September 2021

Task 2_4 Course 16 Training course Freshwater microbiology

Task 2_4 Cours 4 ECOBIAS Training course Phycology

Task 2_4 Course 6 _ Freshwater Ecology 28-30 September 2021

Task 2_4 Course 12 Ichthyology

Task 2_4_Course 27 Forensic essentials in aquatic insects ecology

Task 2_4_Course 02_Aquatic and semi-aquatic macrophytes

Task 2_4_Course 03_Aquatic macroinvertebrates in bioassessment

Task 2_4_Course 05_Algology

Task 2_4_Course 09_Practicum in Ecology-Zoology

Task 2_4_Course 10_Ecological projects

Task 2_4_Course 13_Conservation biology

Task 2_4_Course 14_ Training Numerical Ecology – Event Report

Task 2_4_Course 15_Methodology of science in Ecology

Task 2_4_Course 15_Training Methodology of Science in Ecology- Event Report

Task 2_4_Course 17_eDNA monitoring

Task 2_4_Course 18_EU and regional legislation in management of freshwaters

Task 2_4_Course 19_System for evaluating rivers for conservation1

Task 2_4_Course 20_Training Field practices in aquatic botany and zoology


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