Ecological Monitoring of Freshwaters

Level of study LLL

1. Aquatic ecotoxicology 6 ETCS

2. Aquatic and semi-aquatic macrophytes 6 ECTS

3. Aquatic macroinvertebrates in bioassessment 6 ECTS

4. Phycology 6 ECTS

5. Ichthyology 6 ECTS

6. Freshwater microbiology 6 ECTS

7. System for evaluating rivers for conservation 6 ECTS

8. Water protection technologies 6 ECTS

Role of partner institution [P10 University of Banja Luka]:

BSc, MSc students in biology and ecology at Faculty of Sciences – need to obtain LLL certificates that will increase their chance of employment;

Teaching and technical staff at Faculty of Sciences -need to cooperate and share knowledge/skills/practice with other HEIs and stakeholders in the WB Region; to apply for EU grants together, write scientific papers together; to equip the laboratory for EMAB; obtain additional way of financing by offering LLL courses to the stakeholders; to cooperate with Industry.

Other target groups recognised in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Professionals in EMAB -need modern knowledge/skills/practice in EMAB to expand areas of expertise;

Environmental Stakeholders -need standard methods for EMAB;

Local community – need improvement of environmental conditions;

Fishing Industry – need modern methods for monitoring of water quality to improve production;

Lumber Industry – need modern methods for monitoring of water quality to improve production in wetland areas;

Water Supply Industry – need modern and standard methods for monitoring of water quality;

Tourism – need improvement of ecological status of water bodies to enhance tourist offer.