Task Leaders

  WP Task leader
1 PREPARATION -UNI Đurađ Milošević  
1.1. Analysis of PgC partners Knowledge/Skills/Practice in EMAB UNIZG
Marko Miliša
1.2. Analysis of PC partners Knowledge/Skills/Practice in EMAB UNI
Vladimir Zikic
1.3. Analysis of existing curricula related to EMAB in both Programme and Partner Country partners UDE
Cristina Hartmann Fatu
1.4. Analysis of labour market needs relevant to EMAB in PCs UNI
Milica Stojković Piperac
2 DEVELOPMENT -UNS Dušanka Cvijanović  
2.1. Development of aims, specific competencies and learning outcomes of master curricula and LLL trainings in EMAB UNS
Srđan Rončević  
2.2. Development of courses design and syllabus for ECOBIAS curricula and LLL trainings UNS
Goran Anačkov
2.3. Purchasing of literature, software and laboratory equipment, installation and activation UNS
Đurađ Milošević
2.4. Theme-based training of teaching staff for acquiring new EMAB methods and field techniques UNI
Vladimir Ranđelović
2.5. Preparation of learning materials and field protocols using ICT tools UNIZG
Antun Alegro
2.6. Accreditation/ approval of MSc curricula UNTZ
Avdul Adrovic
2.7. Implementation of developed MSc curricula UNTZ
Elvira Hadžiahmetović Jurida
2.8. Accreditation/ approval of LLL courses for professionals UBL Svjetlana Lolić
2.9. Implementation of LLL courses for professionals UBL
Maja Manojlović
2.10. Optimization of MSc and LLL courses based on the feed-back of enrolled participants (students, researchers, professionals) SUM
Dragan Škobić
3 ECOBIAS-NET – UNSA Adi Vesnić  
3.1. Establishment of regional academic network in EMAB IUT
Zlatko Mecan
3.2. Development and updating of ECOBIAS-NET internet platform UNSA
Nusret Drešković
4.1. Establishment of Quality Assurance Board UNS
Maja Novković
4.2. Development of Quality and Assurance Plan UNIZG
Marko Ćaleta
4.3. Regular Quality Assurance Board meetings UNIZG
Ivana Buj
4.4. Inter-project coaching UDG
Anđela Jakšić
4.5. External evaluation of the project UDE
Florian Leese
4.6. External financial control UNIZG
Marko Ćaleta
5 DISSEMINATION -UNTZ Jasmina Kamberović  
5.1. Preparing project dissemination plan UNS Dušanka Cvijanović
5.2. Setting and updating of Project site UNS (zamena za UNI) Dušanka Cvijanović
5.3. Design, printing, recording and publishing promo material UNS
Maja Novković
5.4. Workshops at Partner Country HEI IUT
Zlatko Mecan
5.5. Round tables with stakeholders UDG
Sandra Tinaj
5.6. Open day at each Partner Country HEI UDG
Marija Vugdelić
5.7. Workshop and Summer School in DNA Metabarcoding at University of Tuzla UNTZ
Adisa Ahmić
5.8. Final Conference on ECOBIAS UNTZ
Vedad Pašić
6 MANAGEMENT -UNS Snežana Radulović  
6.1. Establishment of management board and Kick-off meeting UNS
Goran Anačkov
6.2. Development of guidelines on the project management and reporting UNI
Đurađ Milošević
6.3. Day-to-day coordination of project activities UNS
Snežana Radulović
6.4. Regular Steering Committee and Project Management meetings UNS
Dušanka Cvijanović
6.5. Submission of interim and final reports UNS
Snežana Radulović

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