Quality control and Monitoring

The quality of project activities and outputs will be assured by continuous monitoring and evaluation of the performance indicators proposed. Quality Assurance Board will consist of one designated person per partner. The committee will produce a quality assurance plan. Each project output (e.g. deliverable, Report) to be delivered to the Commission and/or uploaded at the project’s website shall be approved by the QAC.

External Experts will be appointed to review the quality of project activities and outcomes in line with the project workplan and relevant EU practices and policies. External evaluation will be conducted by M6 2021. Report of external financial audit will be delivered by M6 2021

The external evaluation of the Project will be carried out on the following point:

-partner meetings and events (workshops, training events, round tables);

-leadership and management;

-dissemination deliverables and outputs;

-communication internal and external;

-project activities (evaluation of each WPs);

-project outputs and outcomes

-measuring the impact, number of participants (students, professionals, academic staff) involved, number of stakeholders, institutional policy makers, etc.)

Inter-project coaching will include at least two contacts with other similar projects.

List of indicators of progress that will be monitored:

•The increase in quality of regional cooperation in education and research regarding ecological monitoring and aquatic bioassessment

•At least 26 novel master courses and learning materials developed by M8 2021, and implemented by M12 2022

•At least 14 novel LLL courses and training materials developed by M8 2021, and implemented by M10 2022, accredited by M4 2022

•At least 68 members of WB PC teaching staff trained by M8 2021 

•7 new and up-to-dated laboratories designed and equipped by M12 2020

•4 master curricula in EMAB developed, implemented and accredited/approved by M4 2022

•At lest 28 students enrolled in new master curricula by M9 2021

•At least 17 participants from the environmental monitoring sector in WB PC trained by M10 2022

•ECOBIAS-NET Academic Network established by M12 2021

•Dissemination indicators:

-number of participants at the ECOBIAS events

-number of site and the Platform visits

-number of the ECOBIAS-NET members

-number of responds on social networks

-the broadcast rating

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