The University of Novi Sad, with more than 50000 students and 5000 employees, belongs to the group of wide-ranging universities, providing almost all fields of science and higher education. UNS offers around 400 accredited study programs at the level of Bachelor, Master, Specialist and PhD studies, carried out at both, Faculties and Centers for Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies. It has a well-developed research infrastructure and great potential for innovation, encompassing around 250 laboratories.

Of the special significance to the strengthening of innovativeness is the Technology Park of the University of Novi Sad. With the support of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, more than 140 spin-off companies have been founded within the University, mainly but not exclusively in the IT sector, employing several thousands of students and PhD students graduated at the University. These companies present the most competitive research and business-oriented part of UNS, contributed to international visibility of Novi Sad as the world Software Valley. The University of Novi Sad is not rooted in deep history, but fast future – connecting people, space and time.


Role of partner institution [P1 University of Novi Sad]:

Developing ECOBIAS courses for PCs in:

  1. Freshwater Ecology
  2. Practicum in Ecology/ Botany
  3. SERCON / System for evaluating rivers for conservation
  4. GIS and Remote Sensing in ecm
  5. Phycology
  6. Environmental engineering
  7. Water protection technologies
  8. Freshwater microbiology 
  9. Aquatic and semiaquatic macrophytes
  10. Field practice in aquatic botany and zoology

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