International University of Travnik (IUT) is an independent higher education institution offering 22 career-focused education through 23 bachelors, 22 master and 15 doctoral degree programs. The predecessor of the International University Travnik, the Faculty of economic and technical engineering, was founded in 2005 and in 2010 the four faculties were integrated into University (Faculty of economic and technical engineering, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of traffic engineering and Faculty of Ecology).

Later, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Media and Communication and Faculty of Information Technologies were founded. IUT introduces contemporary technical concepts and provides students with high quality practice in areas such as System logistics, Air Traffic, Entrepreneurship and self-employment, Applied Ecology, Common Law, Communications, Digital education and innovation, etc. Besides developing professional skills of students, IUT continually works on empowering minds and creativity in fields of their studies, and fields related to their future life, through intensively developed international cooperation with more than 80 Universities around the Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, with considerable experience in implementing academic mobility programs (Erasmus+ for academics and staff).


Role of partner institution [P7 International University of Travnik]:

BSc graduate students at Faculty of Ecology – need to obtain MSc degree that will increase their chance of employment; to obtain knowledge/skills/practice that will allow them to engage in scientific research work and publish papers of international significance.

Ecological engineering

Level of study MSc

1. Freshwater ecology 6 ECTS

2. Practicum in Ecology/ Botany 6 ECTS

3. Practicum in Ecology/ Zoology 6 ECTS

4. GIS and Remote Sensing in ecomonitoring 6 ECTS

5. Methodology of science in Ecology 6 ECTS

6. EU and regional legislation in management of freshwaters 6 ECTS

7. Field practice in aquatic monitoring 6 ECTS

8. Environmental engineering 6 ECTS

9. Water protection technologies 6 ECTS

10. Bioindication and biomonitoring of aquatic ecosystems 6 ECT

Teaching and technical staff at Faculty of Ecology -need to cooperate and share knowledge/skills/practice with other HEIs and stakeholders in the WB Region; to equip the laboratory for EMAB; to offer students and attractive MSc degree; to apply for EU grants together, write scientific papers together; to cooperate with Industry.

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