The University of East Sarajevo is an interdisciplinary, independent and self-governing institution, consisting of the 15 faculties and the two academies. UES has 1000 teachers, 9500 students, 106 study programs I and II cycle, 11 PhD programs. The University of East Sarajevo has over 60 bilateral agreements signed with partner universities from Europe.

These bilateral agreements regulate different types of cooperation, such as work on subjects and projects of common interest, exchange of scholars and students, joint publications, exchange of information and other activities in order to improve the academic cooperation. UES is a member of several university networks and international associations (EUA, Danube conference). UES participated in TEMPUS projects since 2000, FP6 programmes; and other international project – such as project dealing with Brain Drain in West Balkan Countries, USAID projects, Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, World Bank programmes, IPA projects.

UES is the largest institution in the geographical area it occupies (8 towns) and regional reference in the field of teacher education, pre-school education, defectology, medicine, health care. UES possess great human resources and infrastructural capacities at Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Teacher and Pre-school education (study program). UES is first accredited HEI in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2013). UES got HR excellence in research code by European Commission as committed university which striving to adopt European Charter principles and Codes for employment of researchers.


Role of partner institution [P11 University of East Sarajevo]:

BSc graduate students in biology and ecology at Faculty of Sciences – need to obtain MSc degree that will increase their chance of employment; to obtain knowledge/skills/practice that will allow them to engage in scientific research work and publish papers of international significance.

Ecological monitoring of Freshwaters

Level of study MSc

1. Aquatic ecotoxicology 6 ECTS

2. Ecological projects 6 ECTS

3. Methodology of science in Ecology 6 ECTS

4. Freshwater microbiology 6 ECTS

5. EU and regional legislation in management of freshwaters 6 ECTS

6. Field practice in aquatic monitoring 6 ECTS

7. Biodiversity conservation 6 ECTS

8. Environmental engineering 6 ECTS

9. Water protection technologies 6 ECT

Teaching and technical staff at Faculty of Sciences -need to cooperate and share knowledge/skills/practice with other HEIs and stakeholders in the WB Region; to equip the laboratory for EMAB; to offer students and attractive MSc degree; to apply for EU grants together, write scientific papers together, to cooperate with Industry.

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