System for evaluating rivers for conservation

Course Objective: The aim of this course is to knowledge and skills in ecological and conservation assessment of rivers using a combination of scored and unscored elements, relate to a suite of conservation criteria and a range of human impacts, as well as unscored to set the context in which evaluations are ma, essential to a balanced interpretation of the conservation value of an ECS (Evaluated Corridor Section).

Course Outcome:  Students will be able to apply RHS (River Habitat Survey), and SERCON (System for Evaluating Rivers for Conservation) methods to evaluate conservation values of rivers, in all SERCON modules: River Rehabilitation, Environmental Impact Assessment, Site Assessments, Special Natural Characteristics, Flora and Fauna and Monitoring, as well as to use SERCON software tools and scoring systems evaluating habitat diversity and modification of SERCON software.


Boon PJ, Holmes NTH, Maitland PS and Fozzard L, 2004: Sercon Version 2 System For Evaluating Rivers For Conservation, User’s Guide and Technical Guide, 2004, SNH UK

Ovuka M, Racković M, Radulović S, Cvijanović D, Živković M, Novković M and Boon P. SERCON Software (System for Evaluating Rivers for Conservation), Version 3.1 (2012-2015): PMF UNS script and available from:

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