Travnik (BIH) Management board meeting 23-24.06.2020.

Sarajevo (BIH) Management board meeting will be held on 21.09.2020. Trainings in:  SERCON / System for evaluating rivers for conservation P1, Biodiversity conservation P3, Algology P3, Bioindication and biomonitoring of aquatic ecosystems P2 will be held in 22-24.09.2020.

Zvornik, UES (BIH) Management board meeting will be held on 15.12.2020. Workshop: Establishment of regional academic network in EMAB will be held on 16-17.12.2020. Trainings in: EU and regional legislation in freshwater monitoring P3, Methodology of science in Ecology P2, Ecological projects P2, Environmental engineering P1, Water protection technologies P1 will be held 14-16.12.2020.

Tuzla (BIH) Management board meeting will be held on 26.01.2021. Trainings in: GIS and Remote Sensing in ecological monitoring P1, Conservation ecology P2, Aquatic ecotoxicology P3, Classification protocols and systems in Eco monitoring P3 will be held 27-29.01.2021.

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