Bioindication and biomonitoring of aquatic ecosystems

Course objective: The aim of this course is to provide an extensive knowledge about the bioassessment methods in aquatic ecosystems including different aquatic biota at their different levels of organization (from sub-organism to ecosystem). The chronological development of bioindication and biomonitoring methods will be presented with a special focus on the present routine monitoring programs, used for the assessment of aquatic ecosystems across the Europe.

Course outcome: Students should acquire broad understanding about the principles, structure and functioning of contemporary monitoring programs based on main aquatic biota groups.


Markert BA, Breure AM, Zechmeister HG (2002) Bioindicators and Biomonitors: Principles, Concepts and Applications. Oxford: Elsevier. pp. 997.

Ziglio, G., Siligardi, M. & Flaim, G. (2006) Biological Monitoring of Rivers: Applications and Perspectives. John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Oxford, UK.

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